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I'm pretty new to all this stuff so please bear with me
This stuff is confusing as hell

Let me see if I can make myself understood.

I just bought a new LCD HDTV, a new Yamaha Reciever, and Yamaha Upconverting DVD player.


The back of the HDTV has an OPTICAL AUDIO OUT. The Reciever has 2 OPTICAL AUDI INPUTS.

My question:

How do I watch normal TV with the sound going through my AVR? Or do I need to listen to Normal TV programs through the TV speakers?

Should I run my DVD player to my TV via HDMI then run an optical audio to the reciever or do I need to run everything through my reciever via HDMI INPUT then HDMI OUTPUT to the TV? Then run the OPTICAL AUDIO back to the Reciever?

Also, could I use a Digital Audio Coxial form my DVD to AVR along with the HDMI cable?

And, can I use a video cable out to the TV to get my OSD?

Or should I just run everything via Component Cables?

I also run an RF Digital Cable directly to my TV, I have no Cable Box

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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