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Yamaha 671 and ps3 question

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I cant help my buddy as I have an older yammy AVR, but he just bought a 671 and trying to walk him over the phone and accross the country is kind of a pain. The question is; how does he properly set up the ps3 so the 671 can do all the deconding. This is partially a "why isnt it sowing up on the display" question. I have a nightmare trying to figure it out with my set up, but throw a ps3 in the mix in place of my Oppo and I'm clueless......plus Im an xbox guy.

Is there a way to shut off the decoding on the ps3 so all the goodies show up on the receiver.

He is also having an issue of having to boost the center channel +10bd so he can hear the vocals on movies, even after running the ypao.

He is also having an issue of going from just listening to stereo voices so I told him it will take a bit of getting used to a single point of voice. SO he'll need to get over that.
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Nevermind. I got more info from him, hes a moron and didnt give me one tiny bit of info that would have been helpefull hours ago. Problem solved.
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