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Hoping someone who hasn't seen this can help. I have a Yamaha RX-V1800 configured in a 7.1 system. . I called Yamaha tech support. When you listen to something in 5.1 (not Bluray), the SBL and SBR speakers are silent. I do get sound out of the SL and SR speakers. This is normal. I wanted to get the same sound out of all four speakers. I also made it clear to tech support I did not want to screw up the sound I was getting off Blu-Ray discs because all the speakers are active. So tech support had me go to Audio Settings and then (E)Audio Set and change the choice from AUTO to PLIIxMovie and then go to (D)Initial Configuration and change the choice from AUTO to LAST. It did not work. Then when I put in a BluRay disc. I had now LOST the rear channels (SL & SR). The little picture on the front of the receiver shows SR & SL lights are out. Before these adjustments these lights were illuminated and I was getting sound out of these speakers. So, I changed everything back to the original settings. Still no SL & SR with BluRay. Tech support told me to go to BASIC MENU and (A)Speaker Set. I had to activate the SL & SR speakers. When I did that all the speakers lights came on (with sound). When I exited the menu and started playing the disc THEY (SR & SL)WENT OUT and so did the sound! Tech support told me to call Monday and speak to a level two. ANYONE have any ideas. Thanks.
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