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I am trying to understand the interaction between the bass crossover setting on the Yamaha 773 and the other settings for extra bass and speakers set to large vs. small.


My goal is to get more upper low and mid bass "richness and fullness" from my set up. To accomplish this I think I want to insure that the sub gets all of the available frequencies it can handle and not just those below the bass crossover setting. At present my sub is Klipsch 12HG and its good up to 120hz and I would like to hear it support the other speakers in the system at the highest frequency it can produce. In addition I am planning to add a second sub that is rated to go as high as 250hz - for this there is a product being marketed as a "mid" bass module which I am considering but may end up with a Polk 8 or 10 that is rated up into the 250hz range. If I were to add one of these then most certainly I would want the sub out connection on the 773 to send a signal that included ideally frequency ranges up into the 250hz range.


I would like all of the rest of my speakers to also be exposed to the lowest frequencies (and highest) they can produce.


Main L/R is Klipsch RB-81ii (8 inch woofer) and I have these set to Large speaker

Center is a Klipsch RC-35 (6.5 inch Woofer) set to Large speaker

Surround is Klipsch RS-400 (dual 4 inch woofer) set to small spaker

Bass Cross Over on the 773 is presently set to 60Hz

Extra Bass is set to "ON"


1) So with the above settings what is each of my speakers including the Sub out seeing in terms of frequencies?

2) I have called Yamaha and the tech said with the above settings the Sub is only seeing frequencies at 60hz and below...True?

3) Says the mains and center will see all frequencies - True?

4) The surrounds will see only above 60hz - True? 

5) To achieve my goal - he recommended I set all speakers to large, extra bass to ON and set the crossover to 200hz. True?

6) He says the highest frequency the sub out connection on the 773 will provide to any connected sub is 200hz. True?


Thanks in advance for responses!
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