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Does the Yamaha Aventage 2010 I have , set up basically as a preamp connected to 5 QSC 1500a amps ,have any options to do active biamping on a set of Linn Ninka speakers .

Are the Linn aktive preamp systems totally unique for active Bi/Tri amping setup.

Wondering if I can set the system speakers to biamping , turn gain up on all amps and let the automatic YPAQ EQ , do its thing .

Also on the same note would I be wanting to set the gain on the tweeter amps at less than Max . Is there a reason not to have power amps set on Max. Actually , How do you adjust the gain on power amps in relation to the volume knob gain on the Yamaha

2010 receiver , On the QSC's the signal red light will get brighter as volume is turned up on the 2010, I assume this is just showing the signal is strong , and no worries if the Clipping light does not come on .

I also thought maybe that you set the Power amp lower to the point at full volume on receiver , and bring power amp down to where it will not clip constantly . The Linn's are 4 ohm and do seem to be soaking some power .

Worries me on the tweeter amps that the Linns do not have a external Fuse on the speaker terminals like my old Magnepans had .

Thanks for a reply , I thought maybe there would be a sticky on the Amps Forum , relating to setting up power amps , but could not find any info as such.
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