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Yamaha DPX-1

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Any opinions on Yamaha's DPX-1,dlp? I'm sooo confused on what to buy!
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Let me start by saying thanks for this forum. I am also currently in the market for a projector, and have learned a great deal from this forum. The main thing I have learned so far is everyone has their favorite projector and that for me to choose one will require me to see it for myself. That being said I have only been able to see 1 projector in use and it was the Yamaha. They were playing Star Wars Episode One. I thought the picture looked great but I have nothing to compare it too except my 4 year old rear projector ( el cheapo).

I can not beleive that in Charlotte, NC there is not more of a selection than this.

I have read several posts on the Yamaha and most people do agree it is a good projector but was all but obsolete when it came out. There are now better performers on the market and at a lower prices.

Just my 2 cents.
Assuming we are talking about the same Yahama that has been out for at least one year, then I would be inclinded to pass on this projector. This machine while having a good picture, is already old technology compared to whats out. It neithers has the new HD-1 chip or the new color wheels that help reduce or eliminate rainbow artifacts.

When this projecotor was first introduced at CES about 2 years ago, people were very excited about it even though the newer types were coming out. To me, Yamaha came out with this much to late. I must say one thing about his projector, it is very quiet.

Hope this helps

While watcing Episode 1 on the Yamaha I saw rainbows about every 3 minutes.Enough to make me stop watching the film.Too bad really,if it wasn't for the rainbows I would say it had a very good picture.
Let me tell you what is the real problem with the Yamaha. I had it for 3 months only and replaced it by the Sharp 9000. The Yama is not capable to show a true High Def picture. When viewing the Dish Network demo, for example, you don't see a real HD picture. The reason is the projector is a native 4X3 and it looses pixels when formating the picture to 16X9. This doesn't mean the picture is bad. It just isn't HD.

The other problem with the projector is the "light spill" you see around the screen (about 25%). This is also because the chip is a native 4X3.

I never see any rainbow and don't wanna see it. But my wife does and she was really mad about that with the Yamaha. The Sharp has much less rainbow and so far my wife is happy.

The final blow is the fact that the Yamaha is too expensive . For the same money buy the Sharp or spend a bit more and get the Marantz.

I saw this projector a month ago in korea(viva worldcup!!!)

(120" 16:9 1.0 damatt screen) I also saw z9000 twice and

11ht once. In my opinion DPX-1's HD is enough to make me smile.

11ht's DVD is also good enough to me. 11ht is easily surpass 10ht.

I consider DPX-1 seriously for several reason.

1. Japan price is very low

2. I have DLP projector plus up-1100. But I and my brother

are not sensitive to rainbow effect.

3. I and my brother are video game(4:3) mania


4. DPX-1 has DVI input. I don't have a chane to see DVI using.

But DVI capability excited us. I will go with HTPC.

P.S. How much DPX-1's price in USA? DPX-1's price in KOREA is also high.
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in case you have an ISCO lense the DPX-1 is superior to the Sharp 9000, esp. when you drive the DPX-1 through the DVI-Input (digital only from the DVD to the DLP panel). My advice: Check the prices on the WORLD market, Yamaha's price policy is ridiculous (why asking twice as much for it compared between Europe and Japan?).

If you can spend more than 10k, look out for the HT300 which is the most reliable and future proof of all high end DLPs (SIM2 has shown many times that they do everything for the customers to support them and even better there high quality DLPs through constant software updates).


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