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Hi to the Avs Forum

I'm actually new here, this is my first post.

I'm planning on updating my Yamaha to a modern Avr. I don't expect the new Avr beeing actually a better sounding machine, I don't believe in noticable sounddifferences between to Avr of the same, or close class, but I expect the Audussey MultiEqXt 32 to get "more" out of my Hometheatre....I hope it does...

What I actually want to ask is : If I install a 7.1 system, I have two choices if I want to use the integrated amps only, that is two additional Rs, or 2 front Ls, height or wide. Is that correct ?

As far as I understand, if I use the Rs, I can decode the Hd sound on my Blurays, if I intend to use the aditional front height or wide speakers, I have to use a certain sound programm, Dsx(?), and while doing so , I can only use/hear the compressed Dts/DD sound ? Is that right ?

I haven't tried the front presence speaker setup my Ax2 features, maybe I should have, but, honestly, I was always satisfied with the 5.1 performance. Nevertheless, it' s time for something new. I'm looking forward for the network features, hdmi connection, video upscaling an enhancing features for lowres material, accessibility from smartphone and tablet and most of all Audussey MultiEqXt32....:) I hope the feature list of a modern Avr justifys for an update ?!

Thx and cu

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