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This unit is an older model Yamaha 5 disc carousel. Problems with this unit locking up, skipping or dropping out are well documented by owners. I have shared similar experiences, although be it quite random.

However recently I bought a copy of the Emperor's New Groove. It skips in certain locations on the disk. To cut a long story short I have changed the disk four times. For anyone with both the same movie and player the locations are. DD or DTS soundtrack doesn't matter.

1:00:5-25 sec.

1:05:25-35 sec.

Finally I tried it in my PC and it plays just fine. My PC DVD software is at least two years old.

After the local service representative referred me to Yamaha about an upgrade. Yamaha told me that units with a red dot on the rear have the latest software. I have gold and blue dots. However I must pay to have the unit sent to CA and back from TX and also pay about $45 for the firmware upgrade. They regional service center (a third party) was non committal about the price or whether the upgrade would fix the skipping problem with this particlar movie.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this player upgraded and whether the red dot version of software improved playback. Also if anyone has both the red dot equipped player and the same movie I would appreciate feedback on whether you can see skipping or not.


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