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Yamaha DVD-C950 burned DVD audio problem

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I have a new Yamaha DVD-C950 and tried to play a burned DVD on it. The video is fine but there is no audio at all. I checked the disc both on my computer and on my 5+ year old ancient DVD player and both play the audio and video on the disc perfectly-it's just the Yamaha that can't handle the audio. Has anyone ever experienced this problem before or know of a solution?
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Just the audio that goes along w/ the DVD. It's a burned TV show.
is your audio connection via HDMI?

if so then you have to turn on the sound to output via hdmi!!!!

if not then.....

try to turn off sound via hdmi and see what happens!!!!
couple of questions:

does your recorded shows stutter during playback?

are the sound of your movies out sync when using HDMI output?

mine does both and it's driving me crazy, beside these flaws, everything else works great!!!!

too bad I might have to return it!!!! :(
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