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Hey folks,

I'm trying to finally make use of the video inputs on the back of my HTR-6130. Up until now I've been using it only for sound along with a manual Video A/B switch which is getting old. :)

The trouble is, I have my XBOX 360 hooked to the DVD component video input, with the audio going through the optical CD input (There's no optical DVD input).

I'm using a Logitech Harmony remote to control the whole rig and the Harmony doesn't seem to understand (or maybe the HTR-6130 doesn't support) "split" inputs. I swear that by tinkering manually I was able to get both sound and video working as-is, but I can't duplicate it using the harmony remote.

Does anyone know how to independently set the video and audio inputs on the HTR-6130? At the very least, maybe I can use the learning function on the Harmony to do this as a macro.
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