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I just got a new Yamaha HTR-6150BL receiver and miss one feature from my old Pioneer system. This system is smart enough to shut off the speakers and go into Night Mode when I plug in my headphones which is great but there does not seem to be anyway to turn the speakers back on. This is actually useful when I watch certain movies with my wife so I can wear the earphones and she can listen to the speakers a bit more quite than what I would like. Is there anyway to turn the speakers back on when I plug the headphones in?

Alternatively, is there a way I can use the Zone 2 stuff to pipe the same audio to my old receiver and plug the headphones into it? I read something about anything going to Zone 2 had to be from the analog audio inputs and my audio is coming in from the DVD over HDMI or optical neither being analog.

Suggestions appreciated! Thanks, Dave
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