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I am trying to get a new Home theater setup. I have identified Onkyo TX-SR805
receiver as to one I want to go with. And I have recently bought a Mitsubishi WD65733
. And am in the process of finding a good in-wall/in-ceiling solution. My theater room dimension is 19x24 feet. I have narrowed my choice to the following. But am not sure if this will be the right one.
Yamaha NS-IW760 - center channel.
Yamaha NS-IW280C - for the surround/surround back. (4 channels)
Yamaha NS-IW470 - for Front Left/Right Channel.
Yamaha YST-FSW100 - as the Subwoofer.

Would this be an overkill, or an under performer.
Please comment/advice.

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