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I am having an excruciating time trying to decide which Yamaha model I want.

How important is the time based corrector feature? Should I not even worry about whether or not which model has it, and which one doesn't? I'm liking the 2500, but I notice that it's missing in that model.

Is Digital Top Art like the 'answer back' for THX, and therefore, similar type feature?

Lastly, I'm getting more confused deciding, and I think I'm just going to go with the 2600 just because I'm tired of trying to decide. I can get it for around $950, but I'm worried I can get what I want for less, and this confusion is winning.

FYI, I'm not going to HDMI switch, so that's not important to me...I don't care about Ipod or XM (but won't be upset if it comes with it) but care more about 7.1, power, and other features. Has anyone else had this dilemma? Can anyone offer any advice?

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