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Yamaha NS1000 blown

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I have a set of NS1000s. One is perfect, the other one is having problems with its tweeter & subwoofer. Nothing is coming out of the tweeter and im noticing a little crackling from the subwoofer. Does anyone know what it would cost to replace the tweeter/sub or get them both repaired? Would it be worth it?

I really love the look and sound of these speakers so I would love to keep them...
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You may want to look into www.parts-express.com as they maybe able to get the right set up for you.
I also own a pair and I can imagine yoour reluctance to give them up.

It seems strange that both would go at the same time. Perhaps a crossover problem. Its not too difficult to get the woofers out, then maybe you can inspect the crossover. If it doesn't look visibly fried I would still suggest dismantling and taking it to a shop. Shouldn't be too difficult to see if a crossover is still working.

That would be my starting point. And good luck. You don't want to throw those babies out.
Parts Express has nothing like those Yamaha drivers. A so called "Beryllium coated" dome is not of the same caliber as the pure Beryllium Yamaha's tweeters. I would contact places such as Madisound who will probably know of a source for replacements. It could be the crossover's but I doubt that would cause the "crackling" sound from the woofer.
Just an afterthought. Swap the speaker cables from L/R on your amp just to make sure you don't have a problem in the amp.
Could i just swap them on the speaker as that would be easier for me...
yes you could just swap the speakers which is what I would recommend too.
Tried swapping and didn't get any different results. Though I think w regards to the sub, it might have been the song I was listening to. Didn't hear a cracking anymore with heavy bass and low bass. I think I just need a new tweeter
An interesting discussion here with possible replacements and part numbers.


You should be looking for part number JA-0513

Holy crap! Just saw one on flea-bay. Used, and the guy wants 298 bucks for it (!!!!)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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