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Issue #1 : I have a 'master' stereo in my Living Room is a Yamaha RX-475 and a 'secondary' stereo in another room is a Yamaha RX-V495. My house was wired with Crestron cables and Cat5 by the previous owner (photo: 'Crestron'). The Crestron panels are no longer in the house. I would like to connect the two stereos so that I can listen to the TV from the kitchen speakers (which are powered by the RX-V495).


  1. There are 5 UTP cables and 1 pr of 22/18 Gauge cable that was for the Crestron system. Can I use the the 22/18 gauge cable to connect the 2 receivers?
  2. If yes to #1 , should I connect the Crestron cable into the RX-475's Audio jack (right next to the subwoofer cable) or the Audio Out jack to its left? Plug into the RX-V495's #3 jack (Tape)? (see photos 'Master' and 'Secondary'
  3. If I have some extra RCA cables with Male RCA jacks, can I splice them and connect them to the Crestron cable or will the quality not be as good? If not, what should I use to connect the spliced cables?

Issue #2 : The RX-475 is connected to speakers embedded into the ceiling and do to the furniture set-up, the dialogue is often hard to hear from the couch. I was thinking of adding a sound bar to my Living Room to improve the quality of the audio when watching TV. I have an old LG sound system and was curious to know if I could use the center speaker as a 'Soundbar'.

  1. Will it replace having to buy a Soundbar?
  2. The speaker uses the jack in the picture below (photo: 'LG Speaker') to connect to the system. I can easily strip it myself and connect it to a banana plug and then plug it into the Center jack in the RX-475. If I ever wanted to use the speaker with the LG again, I would need to reconnect the jack again - would it be difficult to find that same type of jack?


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