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Hello everyone!

I had a quick question, if I may. (In fact, I joined to ask for everyone's expertise).

Nearly a year ago, I had decided upon getting a Yamaha RX-V667. I really liked the features and price, but I confess one of the initial things that made it stand out is that it's only 6" tall. I have a nice console that I like (and that the wife really, really likes) but it's opening is only 6" (and I really hate to put it on top). We never worked up the extra money, and it ended up getting pushed back to this year. So, I looked around again to see how my choice would change now.

It looks like the RX-V671 would be a nice improvement, but it now appears to be 6 3/8" tall. The opening that I have to deal with is only 6", but once inside the console, I believe I have 9" - 10" (I'm not at home, so I can't measure exactly - I'm just going from memory from last year). Assuming the feet are easily removable (just twist, to unscrew them off for example) and the unit itself is 6" tall or less, I'm perfectly content to take the feet off the unit, and then put them back on inside the console. (And, I know not to run the system without its feet - I'd be concerned about it overheating.)

Has anyone here had to remove the feet and could tell me what its height is without them?

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