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Yamaha RX-A1040 and Jamo S626 HCS (no separate sub) setup

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Hi all, I am looking for some advice and how to essentially gain more low end from my front speakers in my home cinema setup.

I don’t have a separate sub, but the speaker contain a 10” bass driver in each cabinet, so I assumed that would be sufficient.
But in the AVR settings, with the low end even right down at 40hz, I get very little from the speakers.

These are capable of more than I need, frankly, but how do I get the AVR to direct more bass to them?
I guess with me not using the sub ouput, it confuses things a little?

Any help appreciated!
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To add, I mean I have had them kicking out more bass than I really should (neighbours etc) but right now, it all sounds very flat.
@Liam82 did you change the ypao settings?

What is the source material or is it all sources?

Did you try to play in stereo only mode and bypass ypao?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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