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Yamaha RX-A1080 default HDMI problem

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I am trying to setup this new receiver. I have a Blu-ray player in AV1, an Xfinity 4K std in AV2, and an AppleTV in AV3. I am usually watching the Xfinity, but every time I start the receiver, it defaults to AV3 (AppleTV). My display is a new LG OLED. I suspect that the problems are with HDMI control. How to I set start-up to default to last used input?

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HDMI CEC puts the TV in control not the AVR - best option is to disable HDMI control on all devices and either use a programmable remote or if your AVR has programmable ‘scenes’ that may work for you.

Turn OFF CEC control in the LG HD display. For some unknown reason certain display brands including Hisense, LG, Samsung have decided to reprogram certain CEC functions with their own proprietary codes that do nothing but corrupt the system operation...

Just my $0.02... ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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