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Yamaha RX-A1080 upscaling component input

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In setting up this receiver, I have connected my Laserdisc player to AV4 component input. I am having this problem; the video is B+W. Usually this is an issue with the connections, but I have tried different cables, and I can't get color output.

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I presume you mean composite input, not component input, as AV4 is a composite input? Just had a look through the manual, and it says very little about composite video resolution/compatibility problems? There is a bit of info on pages 46 and 143, but, apart from that, there seems to be little that will be able to assist you. I'm sure others will be able to give you some better advice than I can. Good luck.
I used the component inputs for AV1 and mapped them to AV4.
That may be your issue? Can't you just run the video from the AV1 component input to your TV, without mapping it to the AV4 composite input? I'm sure you are losing video quality moving from component to composite, and then trying to display that image on your (I'm guessing here) 4k TV? Good luck.
My unit allows mapping of the component input. Is that not the correct use of this feature? My display is not located near my components, and all video runs through the receiver and output to the display via one HDMI.
Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I understand that you use your AVR to connect, via HDMI, to your display. That's not what I'm asking? It's the fact that your are mapping a higher quality video to a lower quality video, just because your AVR can do it? This seems to be rather superfluous, and seriously, not a very good idea? Can you remove the component to composite mapping and simply use the video that is output from the AV1 component input, without conversion? Good luck.
I'll try that. I assumed that all video inputs were capable of 4K video.
No. I think composite video's maximum resolution is 480i or 576i and component video's maximum resolution is 1080i? Nowhere near 4k, being 2160p. Good luck.
I mean the capability of the Yamaha video inputs.

I just tried turning off the video mapping, but the video on my display from AV1 component is still B+W.
Yes, I'm sure the AVR will upscale any image to 4k, if you set it up that way, but at least make it easier for the scaler to go from 1080i, rather than have to go from 480i? Remember, 4k 2160p is about 4 times the resolution of 1080i and about 9 times the resolution of 480i. As to why it's still B&W, I have no idea? You may have to check the output settings in your laser-disc player? Good luck.
I just figured out the problem. My Laserdisc player (dvL-919) plays laserdisc and dvd. It has composite and component output, but the component is for dvd only. If used for laserdisc, the output will be B+W only. I guess that I just forgot!
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Why would a laserdisc only play in black & white? Doesn't make sense to me.
Why would a laserdisc only play in black & white? Doesn't make sense to me.
Laserdisc will not output color over component. Laserdisc is a composite video signalrecorded onto the disc. Composite and component signals are similar (hence why you get a black and white picture). You will need to use composite or s-video for laserdisc.
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