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Thanks for looking at my post. Open Box unit with full warranty remaining as of March 28 from authorized retailer. Copy of original receipt and an original gift receipt provided for warranty purposes if it should be needed. I have included picture of accessories and I believe it is all of them. I have verified front+centers+surrounds+sub as well as HDMI from CBL/SAT and BD. Have only used to verify functionality. It is not in use now. Also upgraded to newest firmware (1.46). This was done via network so network function verified as well.

I'm looking to net $350 on this. So I will refund you the difference after accounting for shipping and paypal. I find it easier that way as opposed to having to come back for money if shipping is miscalculated.

So if paypal is $12 and shipping is $38 (total of $50) then I will be sending you back $25. You can save some by going paypal gift but that is your call.

Location is Chicago west suburbs (Naperville) for those wanting to pick up. Obviously that will reduce your cost.

I will use FedEx.
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