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Having problems with Yamaha RX ARC issues....here's a possible Solution that worked for me::cool:

I have read hundreds of comments about ARC not working properlyand defaulting to AV4 after a few seconds. I messed with it for some time, ignored the user manual and appliedlogic to it and here’s what I found that works;
  • Configure ARC the way you are suppose too by connecting your HDMI cable to the ARC port on the TV, then connecting the other end to the Receiver’s HDMI "out".
  • Here’s the key: connect a SECOND HDMI cable from the TV’s standard HDMI port to the Receiver’s BD/STB HDMI “input” port. Be sure you have configure the TV for “Anynet”and other ARC Settings and ignore the fact that you have connected this 2nd cable....just treat everything like it's ARC only.
  • The receivers remote and/or TV’s remote shouldturn both units on and off. When turnedon, you will see the Receiver default to AV4 and stay there, and you shouldhear the audio.
I spent tons of time working this out, it works for me and I hope it works for you. I know this is a work-around but its too bad the user manual doesn't address this properly.
Hope this helps.
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