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Hi all. I've dug around the forum postings for quite a while and haven't really found my answer, so here goes:

I am having passive switching problems on my Yamaha RX-V1065.


Olevia 47" LCD (connected to HDMI out)

Samsung 1590 BD (connected to HDMI1)

Motorola VIP1225 (Uverse) DVR (connected to HDMI2)

With the Yamaha turned off, but passive switching is turned on ("Control" or "Standby"....I've tried both), I have problems with the switching getting "stuck" on HDMI1. If I am watching a Blu-ray, then turn off all of the components and then try to watch TV (without the receiver), the switching won't switch to HDMI2.....it stays stuck on HDMI1 until I turn on the receiver and switch it to HDMI1. However, if I then turn on the Samsung player, it will properly switch from HDMI2 to HDMI1.

Is this a Uverse/VIP1225 problem.....not sending the right signal? Passive switching seems to work ok if the Samsung is turned on, but not if the Uverse box is the "primary".

This problem defeats the whole reason I bought a passive switching receiver....to allow TV watching "without" the receiver (my wife prefers it.....and I do also when stupid networks only broadcast 2 ch audio on HD channels!)
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