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Yamaha Rx-V1400 vs Rx-V650

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I'm looking for some advice on which of the the receivers I should go with. I'm a Yamaha fan and these two models are the ones that have caught my eye. I'm in Canada and I've been told at one Yamaha dealer that the 650 comes out next month and should sell for around $699 Cdn, but he said that he'd give me the 1400 (PL IIx upgraded) for $933 Cdn. (regular price is $1049 in Canada)

I'd be more than happy with the what the 650 has to offer for the small living room and 5.1 speaker system I'll be getting (Axioms), however for the extra $234 is the 1400 worth moving up? I know it has THX select and a real Parametric Equalizer as well as more power, but are these extra features worth the extra money? I don't really need the extra zone features or the extra power of the 1400 so that's not a big selling point to me, but is the overall sound quality much better in the 1400?

I'd also like to know what everyone thinks of the THX select mode on the 1400. Is it a worthwhile feature to upgrade too, does it really make much of a difference in the surround sound experience? :confused:
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Get the 1400. You won't be sorry.
Could you eleborate a bit more Q? I'd really like to hear about first hand experiences with the 1400 or 650 and why the 1400 is so much better. I've listened to a 1400 and last years 640 in store but with a crappy pair of speakers hooked up. I'd really like to know when they are properly set up if the 1400's performance is that much better to justify the extra cost (25% more).
I can only speak about that which I know, which is the 1400. I am very impressed with it. The features you named are awesome, and if I am understanding what I have seen, the 1400 has the PLIIX while the 640 does not.

My thinking would be this: Why not spend a touch more, and have a receiver that is ready to upgrade when you are. You can enjoy 5.1, but when the day comes you're ready to go 6.1 or 7.1 and PLIIx....no worries! :D

The 650 is nice, don't get me wrong, but I would say to you, if you have the money, put yourself over the top and be set for years to come. :)
You know, for the 200 dollar difference, you may get piece of mind knowing you've got a well reviewed receiver with the 1400. With the Axioms, you should have an awesome setup. Are you getting them locally? There's only 1 dealer I know of in Toronto that sells them (down on college).

Personally, I wouldn't get a 700 dollar receiver new. I'd either buy something used for that money, or buy new higher up in the product range, or buy a lower, cheaper model (and did just that with the Panasonic XR50 last month for a second zone).
Actually I was going to order the axioms from their website. Free shipping. I didn't know there was a place that sold them in Toronto. Twitchie, could you tell me the name of the dealer or their address? I'd really like to check them out.

I've been mulling it over for a while now and i'm starting to lean a bit more to the 1400 than I did before. The main drawback to getting the 1400 is that I'm moving into my new place next month and I don't have any furnishings so I also have to watch my budget for all the things I need to get for my place as well as balancing mortgage payments.

The 650 has all the features that I pretty much want. If the sound quality of the 1400 was a vast improvement over the 650 then I'd probably be willing to spend the extra.
If you are buying from a brick and mortar with a good return policy, get both, listen and decide if the 1400 is worth $200 more in your system.
I sent you a PM with the dealer info.

To echo DooDoo's advice, give them both a listen and see if you can hear the difference for yourself. My only added input is make sure you won't have second thoughts or buyers remorse if you go for the lower model.

Once you've made your purchase however, do yourself a favour and trust your own ears over anyone else's opinions and be happy with your new toys.
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