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Hello All,

Ive recently ran into a problem with my Yamaha RX-V1600 receiver. I added a Onkyo Receiver to Zone 2 to add speakers to the kitchen and patio. The sound coming from Zone 2 is coming out very distorted. As if a high dose of bass is being added to the zone 2. I thought it was the Onkyo so I replaced it and had the same problem. I reversed all the connections making the Onkyo the primary receiver and the Yamaha on Zone2 and everything sound okay. No distortion, but not the same quality as the Yamaha. Has anyone ran into this problem of getting distortion out of Zone2. Are there any settings I need to adjust? Connections that are uncompatible? Please help.

Main receiver Speaker Set up

Moderno Center Cahnnel

Profficient Audio 680 Front R/L

Profficient Audio 650 Rear R/L

Profficient Audio 600 Sur Back R/L

Miller Kreisel MX 125 - Subwoofer

Onkyo Receiver

Profficient Audio 600 Front R/L

Profficient Audio 600 Rear R/L

No Subwoofer
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