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Hi. My four old receiver has recently started turning itself off, for no apparent reason (it doesn't seem to be heat related).

On Yamaha's suggestion (their web site, actually) I took it to Twee*** service. That company wants $150 to "tighten a loose connection - no parts required". The $150 is because the unit is over 100 watts (?).

The repair is listed as "preamp circuit board need repairs - bad connections - CB212 PC 011107"

I know nothing of technical issues, however, Yamaha's west region service center, Ta* Electronics in Buena Pk., would need four hours of labor charges to equal this estimate, and they take the assignments that Twee*** cannot fix.

Question: I am sadly on the hook for a $50 estimate fee from Twee***. Does their estimate sound suspect to anyone? I am concerned they barely looked at the problem; I will pay the $150; in a week the problem will still be there, and they will then tell me: "oh, this is a different problem"

Any advice from the technically savvy would be appreciated. Yamaha's are usually built like tanks (this is my third yamaha receiver), so the 'loose connection - no parts needed' sounds odd. If any of you think this is a reasonable response, or quote, for a repair that needs no parts, then please let me know. If someone else has gone through the same thing it would make their quote more acceptable.

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