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Yamaha RX-V2400 On Screen Display

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I recently hooked-up my RX-V2400 and other components (located in a Mid-Atlantic rack in the hall closet). Everything, audio and video, goes into the receiver and I have a component monitor out to my P50 in the other room. I want to see the menu/volume/DSP's on my monitor when I use the remote. Is this possible?

In a perfect world I would also like to see the DVD (Pioneer 563A) OSD also. Any help would be appreciated.
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Press the On Screen/Display button. Check to see if it works by pressing volume - / +. If it doesn't, repeat.
The OSD w/ the 2400 and other Yamaha receivers doesn't work over component.
Not quite what I was hoping to hear, but I can live with it.

I had a loaner RX-V2300 for about one month before I got my new 2400. I definately need to turn the volume up much more to get the same audio output that I was getting before???Any thoughts on that?
I do believe that the OSD will work over component. I did it this weekend. I don't think it will overlay hi-def, but if you are just using it to set up, you can get the OSD over component.

You made need to up the levels on your speakers. If they are set low, then you will have to turn the volume up higher. Set the speaker level higher, the volume doesn't need to be as high. Try running the YPAO and it should help with the speaker levels.
Yes , OSD works through component video output. Mine does anyways
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