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Was wondering if anyone was familar with the Yamaha Rx-V2500. It's an older amp that doesn't decode HD audio. It's connected to a Panasonic DMP-BD85 Blu Ray Player (that decodes HD audio) through the 7.1 analog inputs via the Multi-Channel Mode. Everything works great a except for one thing. The volume control only works on the center channel. I imagine there's an internal main volume trim or gain somewhere in the set up menu, but what a pain it would be to have to go into the set up everytime I want to adjust the volume.

Can anyone suggest a fix, setting or area of the amp I would even look to get the volume working on all surround channels? I calibrated and adjusted all the speaker levels, etc, and as long as the volume is at 0, the center is perfectly balanced in the mix and everytthing sounds great. But when I turn the volume up or down, only the center speaker is effected. Any ideas from anyone?
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