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I've been blundering through the forums trying to see if I should get rid of my Yamaha 363/Harman Kardan 146. Couldn't decide between the 2 as I like the 363's better bass probably due to crossover options and speaker controls (seemed lacking on the 146), but the 146 looks better and highs sound a bit clearer. Should I buy a Yamaha HTR-5890 (getting a decent deal on it). Will there be a noticeable difference in sound quality?

I'm not sure about HDMI right now because most systems in my range (~$200) don't have full HDMI support, but switching might be good to have. I only bought the 363 and 146 because they had HDMI, but upon closer inspection of my setup I think I might not need them.

I most likely will not use the HDMI switch as I'll be hooking most things from my HTPC. Sound from BluRay/HD DVD will come from analogue out on my Auzentech Prelude soundcard (because true HD sound can't be routed through HDMI except with a PS3 right?). Video through my HD 4850's (Which will upconvert whatever media i throw at it for me). So do I need HDMI?

Or since I'm not doing any sound/video processing, should I opt for an amp? Are there any that will do 5.1/7.1 strong enough to run my gear, within the $200 range?

AV123 ELT525M (I hear these need lots of power to sound their best)

Gateway KAS 303 Center (similar to HSU ventriloquist, may be replaced at a moment's notice) and Subwoofer (similar to HSU STF-2 /w 150watt amp)

(surrounds are undecided at the moment)

30" Dell 3007 WFP 2560x1600 or 32" 1080p HDTV (no wider than 31.5")


Phenom 9600 BE or Core2Quad E9550

4850 crossfire or GTX 280

Auzentech Prelude 7.1


Artec USB HDTV QAM Tuner

50/30/20 Gaming/Movies/Music
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