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I am driving a pair of Klipsch RF-82 fronts, a Klipsch RC-62 center, and two Paradigm ceiling speakers for surrounds. I also run a power Paradigm sub. I used to run a Denon receiver without any issues.

The Yamaha RX-V3800 is shutting off a moderate levels. It runs at the level briefly, them a loud firecracker sound comes out of the speakers and the receiver turns off. I can power it back on.

It works fine a lower levels. I noticed the problem while playing a Bluray music DVD. As I said, the sound level was moderate, not extremely loud.

My gut tells me the Yamaha protection circuit is shutting the receiver off (in a very ugly way). I'm stunned that a receiver in that price range is that weak.

Do I have this right? If I end up replacing it, what receivers are more tolerant of the load I am running?
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