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Hi All,

New here and fairly so to the technical end of AV things. Have read some posts here and realized some of the quality knowledge to be had from you guys. I'll get to my point and try and keep it concise.

Question Background:

I began last year with a Polk RM705 5.1 Sat/Sub set-up with the Yamaha RX-V465 receiver. A few weeks ago I ditched the Polks for a pair of Monitor Audio RX6's and an RX Centre, still being powered by the Yamaha. I thought about keeping two Polk sats for rears (small room for now) but really dig the RX's alone and to help pay for them decided to just try and sell the whole RM705 set. Buddy's parents are going to buy them, but need a receiver as well. I figured maybe I'd sell the Yamaha too and upgrade the receiver (Looking at Marantz SR5004/6004 and some others).


Looking at the 105watts per channel (5ch) on the Yamaha versus the same or slightly less on "higher-end" receivers like the Marantz, how much do you think it is worth taking all of the sale money and upgrading the receiver? Power aside, how much of a sound/video (Samsung PN50C590) quality increase is there from something like the Yamaha to the Marantz? I plan on adding more (rears, sub, eventually new power source(s)) later but have to take the $ hit on the first 3 RX's for now. 5ch vs 7ch doesn't matter for now.

Sell the speakers to help pay for the Monitors and get a new receiver down the road or take all the money and upgrade. I realize everything's relative to a person's situation, looking more so how much better will this receiver upgrade be that I just can't wait?

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