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Yamaha RX-V465 passthrough

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How do you force the resolution to stay on 1080i. I have a friend that set his to 1080i on his STB but the 465 switches it back to 720p.
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Does anyone own this receiver?
Best option for PQ is to leave the resolution alone and let the AVR pass the video unmolested, as in "through".
I have the same avr and to my knowledge this avr does not upconvert video or affect it at all it just passes it throug?? Your question though I believe is the same problem as mine which is.......... I have mine hooked up via hdmi to my motorola dvr and every time I shut the tv off (not the avr not the dvr just the tv) all of my dvr resolution settings get reset. It goes back to 1080i and 480i. I prefer 1080i and "stretch" but these settings will not stick. I have yet to figure out how to prevent the reseting of this and it does not get reset when i hook the tv to the dvr directly by hdmi
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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