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I recently set up a 2.0 system with Cambridge Audio S30 bookshelf speakers, and a RX-V465. I rarely feel the need to crank the volume up (and probably not with my current speakers), but there seems to be a serious lack of ommph/volume. I don't expect that the these speakers are asking much of the receiver, but was curious if others have reached the same conclusion?

If I hooked up a pair of tower speakers, eg Polks for example which people say are power hungry would I get any volume? Used two older Yamaha receivers in the past, with lower power ratings, and they were able to push larger speakers much more than this unit.

Any thoughts, and I have tried various cables and using decent Dayton cables now, and have fooled around with various sound settings, and with different sources. Just trying to plan for the future....And maybe something to keep in mind if you are a person who likes booming music, or are using this push additional or larger speakers, or a in a bar type situation I would think twice.

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