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I am looking for an AV receiver used for 30% movies 70% music - polk monitor 40 CS1 fronts and i nfinity rs4 rear.

Movies are mostly from the computer, netflix, torrents, mostly 720p, some DVDs that need upconverting. Music is hip hop, funk, drum and bass, breaks, etc.

no sub (downstairs neighbors) - it's a compromise

I'm trying to keep under 250 and have heard great things about yamaha here - the older rx-v469 comes in under budget, the new v471 is over-budget.

It seems the only difference is the on-screen user interface on the 471. How big a difference does this make? It seems to me once all is set up the on-screen interface is mostly oooh but not a big day-to-day deal?

If there's something you'd recommend over the yamahas please feel free
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