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I have my TV screen and PC connected to the RX-V473 receiver. My audio from my PC to my receiver is over HDMI.
My PC has 5 screens and the TV connected to it, when I turn on the TV with my remote control. The receiver detects this and sends a signal to my PC. (When the receiver is turned on and on the HDMI channel of my PC)
When the PC receives this signal all my other screens turn black for a second and windows 7 adds the new screen as extended desktop.
Because of this my PC gets unusable for a few seconds.

Is there a way to keep the connection alive even when the TV is turned off and on?

I had an idea to buy another screen with the same resolution as the TV and put a splitter between the TV and PC connection. Because the new screen is always on maybe this will keep the signal up and the PC wont get a signal when the TV turns on? No idea this could work...
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