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Yamaha RX-V479

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Hi I put together my first home theater setup as a 2.0 with a pair of Q150 and a used Yamaha RX-V479 reciever. As this reciever was used I didn't get the YPAO mic I'm hoping I can get help to manually set this up. I have some hearing loss because of this dialogue is the hardest for me to hear so I had to constantly turn the volume up and down during movies. My main focus with this setup is dialogue these are the questions I have come up with so far.

1. Since I don't have a sub under my speaker configuration I should put my speakers at large for size?

2. What should my crossover be set as from what I can find online it looks like 80hz is that correct?

3. From my understanding I should keep the level of the Q150 at 0.0 dB as to not interfere with the receiver volume?

4. Should I mess with anything in the EQ settings that will benefit the Q150's?

5.with this 2.0 setup is DSP parameters anything I should mess with?

6. Lastly I'm on PC hooked up to the reciever then to my tv for plex I want to make sure is there any settings I should make sure are setup so I can allow all the DTS audio passthrough for the best sound.

This is all new for me so I'm a little lost lol thanks for any help you can give.
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1. Since this is a used receiver the first thing you should do is an initialize or processor reset. If you don't have the owner's manual you can download it here.

Hold down (power) on the front panel for more than 15 seconds to initialize and reboot the unit.
2. If you have no subwoofer you don't set the crossover at all. Speakers should be set to large

3. That doesn't matter. Once you get the speakers calibrated just leave the channel levels wherever the receiver sets them.

4. You should buy a YPAO mic so you can calibrate the receiver and speakers properly. Available from several sources including Amazon.
Thank you for the info I will look to get a YPAO mic
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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