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Now that I have the RX-V565 integrated into my home theatre set-up, I have encountered a strange issue. Simply put, there is a lip synching error when watching 1080p/24 fps movies available from D* and being played back on my HR-20 DVR.

I encountered this same issue with my older receiver, but rectified it by routing the optical audio out from the LCD TV to an optical audio input on the receiver. I guess there is circuitry of some sort in the LCD TV that syncs up 1080p/24 audio/video properly.

The new RX-V565 is set up according to the instructions with all HDMI sources now being routed through the receiver and then to the LCD TV. My dilemma is that "AV1" inputs on the V565 (including the audio optical input) are occupied with outputs from a standard-definition DVD player. Should I just remove this DVD player and connect the LCD TV audio optical out to this input? Would this solve my issue? But the HDMI2 input on the RX-565 needs to be selected to play content since that is the input from the HR-20 is connected to!! Then what happens???

Would appreciate any suggestions, and/or feedback.

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