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Hi people,

I'm new to the whole Home theater setup and I have been tinkering around with my system (Yamaha RX-V657 ) for the last few weeks.

Now on this Receiver I have setup:

Two front Yamaha 250Watt 6ohm speakers.

Two front Technics 240Watt 6ohm speakers.

Two Yamaha Presense 100Watt 6ohm speakers.

One Yamaha Center 100Watt 6ohm speaker.

Two Yamaha Surround Back 100Watt 6ohm Speakers.

Two Pioneer Surround Side 75Watt 6ohm Speakers.

And no Sub.

Is this the ideal Theater system?

Also I would like to be able to have the presense speakers working while the Back Surround speakers are going to but according to this system I can't have them all going at the same time. Is there anyway around this?

Thanks very much in advance for any help.

Can anyone help me here?
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