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Yamaha RX-V659 or RX-V661 for 2ch music

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There are a couple of good reviews on 659. One of them

(audioholics or hometheatermag) said the older 657 still

has a better sound quality than 659. I cant get 657 any longer

so I am considering 659.

My main interest is 2ch music. But I still prefer a AV receiver as I also

watch movies but sound quality in a movie is not very important to me.

So I want to preemp any discussion on 5.1 sound.

I had 661 briefly. I didnt like the sound quality (2ch music) compared to my

old RX-V795a. I tried both digital and analog connection on 661. I use

OPPO 980H to play my CD's. 661 was just not as sharp as my old 795a,

though 661 boats a burr-brown dac. The mids were also a bit forward.

No I didnt use any EQ (I dont want to, so no discussion about EQ please).

I was using the 2ch mode. I tried the pure direct mode but I dont think

it makes a difference in sound quality. It just uses minimum circuitry

as the manual says.

It doesnt matter what speakers I have as I am comparing the sound on

the same speakers. suffice it to say that I have good speakers.

I sold 661 though for a loss. I am now considering 659 (I dont care about HDMI).

My question is whether 659 sound will be any better than 661.

I have a sub so bass response from 659 is not critical for me. I would like

the highs to be sharp but not bright, mid range a bit laid back.

My 6yr old RX-V795a meets my requirements but it is aging so I like to replace it.

On my 795a analog or digital connection didnt make a differecne.

May be because the DAC on 795a is as good as that on OPPO 980H.

If the main difference between 659 and 661 is HDMI, then I may not notice much difference.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially from people who

have had the chance to use both 661 and 659 for 2ch music.

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Chances are if you didn't like the sq of the 661 the 659 isn't going to thrill you although their should be some difference.

If you're looking for an AVR with good 2ch music I'd suggest giving HK a try. Both the 147 and 247 are at or below the price range of the 661 and HK is known for it's excellent sq at the price point.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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