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Okay, so here`s my set up:

Yamaha RX-V663 as the AVR

*C DSR505 as the STB - connected by CV and TOSlink to AVR

Viewsat Extreme - Connected by CV and TOSlink to AVR

PS3 - connected by HDMI to AVR

Yamaha RX-V663 to LG 42PC5D by HDMI

My question(s) is/are:

1. When switching components, I sometimes see a purple or green blip on the screen before the source comes on or sometimes I would get a blank screen with audio coming through and then the video comes through a few seconds later

*I know this could be a result of HDMI handshake issues

2. the one I am more concerned about, when playing BD on the PS3, when I would stop the playback and press play again, the video sometimes does not come through but the audio comes thorugh right away. I usually stop and try again and then it would come through.

I have the PS3 audio output as PCM to the AVR.

aynone else have the same set up as me with the same issues?

does anyone have any suggestions as to what may cause these issues?
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