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Hey Guys, 


 Long time stalker, first time poster. This was actually my #1 go to site (in addition to numerous others) in looking for my first big receiver purchase. I had a lot of features that I wanted, and I figured, invest in something that is going to last, instead of the cheapest. Everything I read about Yamaha said quality, great reviews (lots here) across the large majority of their models. Reliability was a big sticking point that I kept coming across with them. 


I have a very meager 2.1 setup at this point with 2 polk monitor 60 towers in front. With a polk PSW10 powered sub. 


The setup was great, configuring was easy, sound was good, all i the world was happy. 


I have a TV, Xbox360 and Apple TV all connected via HDMI to the receiver. 


The receiver itself sees on and off usage. I would say about 3 hours a day on average mostly just TV watching. This past Friday I was watching TV, walked out of the room, came back in, and the screen was black. TV checked out fine, cable box checked out fine, but the 665 was non-responsive. 


I disconnected everything from the receiver, all cables, all speakers, etc. Tried again to power it on with no luck. There was no click, no noise, no hum, nothing. I plugged into a different outlet, and tried again with zero luck. At this point I popped the cover off to look inside. Everything appears to be okay, no blown caps, no funny smells, no black marks, I even checked the fuse on the PSU and that checked out fine also. This is about where my electrical knowledge ends. While I own a multimeter, I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to start diagnosing the issue. 


Does anyone have any ideas on anything that could be done or checked? I have a radio shack optimus receiver from 12 years ago that still pumps out music, no issues at all. I REALLY expected a nearly $600 unit to last more than 4 years, specially coming from a reputable company. One with similar features, would now cost me close to $7-800 and I definately hesitant about spending that kind of money for another 4 years of electronics. After calling Yamaha it was pretty much "sorry, you can check our authorized repair facilities" - of which there is 1 in the area, and they NEVER answer their phone. Makes me a little hesitant to look to repair services from them. 


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, or anything that might help me out, I would be eternally grateful. 


Thanks guys, 


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