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yamaha rx-v671

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Searched HIGH and LOW and cannot figure out how to DELETE presets from Net Radio.  Or even how to get a LISTING of them.  I only want about 5, but have over 20, many duplicates, and it is frustrating.  


Searched this forum with no luck.




( New here and NOT an audio geek:   I "upgraded"  a couple of years ago from my ancient Onkyo receiver with A/B switch.  This has music for me and TV stuff for husband.  I do find that the sound seems a bit "thin" in comparison. Guess it is a tradeoff as  I appreciate ( LOVE)  some of the  features including AirPlay from my MBP ( where I burned all my CD's "lossless" , net radio and mostly 2 zones.  Pass through was a requirement.  I still only know how to use a few features ( lazy ) and wish it had some old fashioned KNOBS for balance, EQ, etc., sigh)
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