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Something I've been battling a bit over the past few years is movie dialog. My setup is probably not very conventional, but in general, it works well for me.

I currently have the RX-V473. I'm looking at the RX-V675 due to the fact that it has both dialog level adjustment and dialog height adjustment.

What I had:
Reciever: Yamaha RX-V473
Front: JBL E20 Northridge
Center: JBL EC25 Northridge
Center: Polk Csi A4
Rear: JBL E10 Northridge
Sub: PB150

I rarely ran the sub, live in an apartment and the down firing boominess of it was too much for late night movie viewing without being evicted.

I bought the Polk CSi A4 a few years back to help with the muddiness of the JBL's. However, while it helped clarify the sound, it was lacking in mid-range that the JBL had. So, I wired them both in, then I had fairly decent sound. I've had this setup for 4-5 years now.

I wanted to buy a set of RtiA3's for the fronts to replace my 4" JBL's, but never could pull the pin on the purchase. Recently, I found an older full set of i's. So, I kind of got the RTiA3's grandparents instead.

What I have now:
Reciever: Yamaha RX-V473
Front: Polk RT35i
Center: Polk CS245i
Center: Polk Csi A4
Rear: Polk RT25i
Sub: PSW450 (98% of the time is disabled in the menu due to not wanting to bother neighbors)

I sold all my JBL stuff to a friend and hooked up all polk with the CSiA4 center. The depth of sound the 35's added was remarkable. The now front firing, 12" sub hit me like a truck. The 25's in the back made a big difference over what they replaced as well, but yet, the center is lacking. I then tried hooking in the center I got with the purchase that was a matched center on it's own and with the A4, but it's basically like having two CSIA4's now. Clean sound, but hard to hear a lot of dialog when watching TV or a movie. Just feels like it's missing the middle-lower frequencies.

Then I knee jerked a purchase on ebay for a center that should match the rt35i's, CS400i. It should show up next week. Instead of 5" drivers I'll have 6.5" like the rt35i's, so I'm guessing I'll get a wider frequency range out of it. I'll probably have to put the old centers in a closet for now as teh CS400i is almost as big as both of them combined. I'll also have to figure out a front lift to angle the speaker up since it will have to sit closer to the floor to fit under my TV in the stand.

Now, while checking/reading about possible adjustments to help with the dialog, people mention/talk about "Dialog Volume" and "Dialog Height" adjustments that I don't have. Since I now have a 70" TV with the center of the TV nearly at eye level when sitting, the sound does sound like it's too low, to combat that, I set the CSiA4 upside down as the top of the speaker angles down a bit so having it on it's top angles the speakers up a bit. Seemed to change the perception of the sound coming from under the TV.

All that said, I'm curious about people that have these two features (dialog level adjustment and dialog height adjustment) and if/how much it helps clear things up.

Also, curious about the EQ settings for the center. I'm guessing I shouldn't have the low frequencies and high frequencies set high like I would the left/right/rear. When set like that, it sounds "howly"... not sure how to describe it, just too much low/hollow voices. If I dial down the low frequencies closer to 0 gain, then I tend to lose enough of the dialog to require upping the volume.

After installing all the polk, I did use the YPAO to calibrate and it sounded ok, but kind of muffled overall, so then I tinkered with the EQ until all the sound was clear/crisp. Music does sound really good now... but since I use my system for 99.9% TV/Movie use... I'd really like to get it dialed in a bit better so I can quit changing the volume every 30 seconds to hear what's being said.

Anyway, thanks for reading and any input would be appreciated.
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