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Dear Experts,
I need your advise to finalize my new HT system configuration. I read lots of blogs and auditioned few speakers but every visit has increase the complexity of the situation. Before I ask my questions let me first provide high level overview of my requirement.

I am setting up a new HT system, which would be placed in small room (10x12). I will use this system for 40% movie watching and 60% music listening. This is small space and I dont listen to very loud music so I wanted to keep my budget between $1500 to $2000 (5 Speakers, sub and Receiver). Before Auditioning Speakers I finalized following components based on reviews,

Sub : SVS SB-1000 - I wanted a small sub with tight base and I think this would be best option under $500.

Receiver : Yamaha RX-V675 - I like few of its features like "Voice Lift", "MHL", "iPhone App", front USB port for iPhone. I am getting it @ Amazon in $399.

Till now I was able to compare Klipsch RF series bookshelf vs Paradigm Monitor series in one setup (it was local shop). I also got a chance to listen to Martin Logan Monitor 4 vs Definitive Tech in another setup (This was Best buy).

I liked Martin Logan however Best Buy Rep told me that my Yamaha Receiver wont have enough juice for these speakers. He suggested Pioneer Elite VSX-44 in place Yamaha and it made things too complex for me. So now I am here for some expert advise. Looking your input to answer following question,

1. Is it true that I wont get good sound response if I use Martin Logan motion 4 with yamaha. If yes then would you suggest any other receiver with similar features?
2. I read that Martin Logan are very good for stereo setup. Do I need that much power for small room 5.1 setup?
3. Would you like to suggest any other speaker that would work for me? I am not able to find any dealer for Polk here. I read some good review about Polk CSi A6 and RTi speakers but couldn't listen to it.

I apologize for the long post but I wanted to provide all the details before asking these questions.

Looking forward for your replies.
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