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Hi Everyone

My 3-year old Onkyo TX-NR515 gave up completely in the last few months. It used to shut off randomly and power back on after some time. Now all it does is shutting down and restarting after few seconds, even when there is no load connected.

So I was looking for a non-Onkyo receiver which would hopefully last longer (thinking more like 7 years at least), and a little bit of research showed Yamaha receivers are quite reliable, would be good to know if this is really the case in general.

I'm looking for a 7.2 receiver with at least 5 HDMI Inputs. My budget is around $400-$500.

I came across a good deal for the Yamaha RX-V679 for $400 before tax (Roughly $435 with tax) from Amazon which looks to be a nice deal. Do you have any other recommendations ?
I know it is an older model, but I did not find big differences between the RX-V679 and RX-V681 to justify the $200+ difference.

Also, would someone be able to explain the difference between the RX-V and the Aventage lines in terms of reliability ?

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