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I am having trouble with my Yamaha RX-V681 with my new Blue Ray Player Samsung BD-E5700

The first few times that I used it, it worked without any difficulty, but now when I turn it on I can see the splash screen and my TV says that it is running in 480 dpi, then, when the flash screen goes away, it is supposed to go into a different resolution, but the screen just goes black, and the tv doesn't report any resolution.

Not that this happened a few times and I switched everything off and back on, it worked, but no matter how many times i do that, it won't work.

I am suspecting that the blue ray player is going into a screen resolution mode that the receiver doesn't understand, such as 1080p (receiver goes to 1080i). Normally, I think that they should negotiate to a common resolution that works for both.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.
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