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Yamaha RX-Z1 OR RX-V2400??

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hello. i currently own the Yamaha RX-V2092 and have been very happy with it. I'm looking at purchasing a new receiver and have narrowed it down to the RX-Z1 and RX-V2400. want to stay with yamaha as i've been happy with them. i looked at some comparison charts on the web for these 2 models and even though the V2400 goes for about $1000 less it seems that is has more features than the Z1.

anyone have any suggestions between the two? would prefer to spend less money, but coming fro the 2092 i don't want to sacrafice quality to do so. what do you think?

thanks, marc
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I took a very serious look at the Yamaha 2400 and it is a damn fine machine. I ended up with the Denon 3805 only because of the 3 component inputs. The 2400 was a very close contender. For the price difference, I'd get the 2400 over the Z1. Put the extra cash towards more HT equipment!

Is there really just a $1k difference? I though it was much more significant than that.

I'd get the Z1, you know you can find it on the web for $1400 nowadays. Also the Z1 has better amps . Check my thread on the cost of dacs.


I am considering getting a new receiver and am primarily looking at the 2400 or Denon 3805 but am a long time Yamaha user and noticed that the Z1 is on closeout for about $1500 at my local dealer. That places it at approx $600 more than the 2400 and $500 more than the 3805 but I would think that is is a much better performing unit with less of the many new bells and whistles. I too am torn on which to get. My current amp is a DSP-A1 which has provided 5 flawless years of service.
One way to look at this comparison is that the Z1 is the old flagship model. Theoretically its "guts" should be the top of the line that Yamaha had to offer, at least a year ago. The 2400 on the other hand is still a very well built unit, and comes with all of this years "bells and whistles".

If you're one who likes having all the newest technologies (ie: IIx), or all the soundfields you can, the 2400 is one of the best price/performance models on the market.

If on the other hand you want to be sure you have the highest quality internals, hoping to achieve the best possible sound, perhaps you would prefer the Z1.

Personally I bought a 2400 after considering the 1400 and 3805. the Z1 was never a consideration for me, as I had a hard enough time justifying the $200 between the 1400 and 2400.
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I stand corrected about the price difference...I had no idea the Z1 was available for so little! Pardon my disinformation! :D

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