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Kind of unusual. Whenever the Panasonic TV is off, the audio out of the Yamaha stops. I've done many installs, and most receivers will pause audio for a second, then turn back on when the handshake is done. This one will not start audio until the TV goes back on, or the HDMI cable is pulled from the HDMI out on the Yamaha. I've turned off all the HDMI control features on the TV and Yamaha. Happens with the bluray or cable, both use HDMI cables to Yamaha. Checked with the factory support, they hadn't heard of any problems like this, and no firmware upgrade for it. Would be nice to be able to listen to music or streamed audio through the bluray, or cable music, with out having the TV on.

Tried to search for it on forum, couldn't find any similar problems. Sure hope it's not the receiver, think that its out of warranty. Owner couldn't find receipt.

Any thoughts?


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