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I am in the midst of a system upgrade and am considering the mid to high end Yamaha units.

Currently since my old school Yamaha does not do digital video switching I have the Viewra Plasma do the switching for video sources and the audio is output from the TV to the Yamaha.

One thing I like about this setup is that during college football season we watch the digital broadcast and run the internet local radio broadcast into a delay control unit and then into the AV receiver. Since the AV receiver is just doing sound switching we are able to watch the game with local radio broadcast.

Even when we used the receiver for video switching in the pre-HDML world the yamaha would allow us to watch one source and listen to another, a GREAT feature.

My concern with the newer units is that if we use the AV unit for HDMI switching from the cable box, blue ray, etc, is that we will lose this ability. Can anyone tell for sure?

Something tells me the Yamaha may not be able to view once source that is hooked in via HDMI while listening to another audio source.

Can anyone confirm or recommend how to find this out without buying and trying? Thanks in advance...
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