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I've had a YSP-4000 for a long time. Our favorite mode to play it is called Target today, My Beam on the 4000. What it does is boost the center voice channel and basically mute the surround sound stuff. My wife is German, and this really came in handy as she learned English. We use to have to watch shows with sub-titles, the My Beam was better. However, years later, we moved which forced us to put our couch closer to the soundbar and now the my beam is a little too direct. One of us hears it well, the other, the sound is off axis.

What I want to know is can you get that center channel clarity from a regular sound system? My wife and I don't care much for the surround sound effects, we find them a bit distracting, but what we want is really that clear voice track and a system that will truly auto level the volume so our neighbors don't yell at us when a commercial comes on.


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