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Yamaha YHT-585BL Set Up

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I just bought this system and is my first time setting anything like this up. I have an Xbox 360, DirecTV HD, and Samsung LCD. What is the best way to hook up the Xbox and DirecTV to the receiver and TV? I have component cables for the Xbox and a couple HDMI cables to use.
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Run optical cables from your 360 and DirecTV if possible - that will give you the best audio - I recall that receiver not being able to process HDMI audio...

Then connect your HDMI/ component cables to the Samsung, and you're good to go.

Your best bet for optical cables would be from www.monoprice.com - they're dirt cheap and ship really quickly.
I just got a optical cable from monoprice and it is great...the silver one that is 6ft in length.

I should put my Tivo and TV into the receiver with HDMI, but I am noob, so still learning.

What cables should I run from where to where?

Tivo get's cable signal in...then what do I do with HDMI's and such?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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